Ipoh Foldies Open Day 2017


Pendaftaran dibuka bermula hari ini sehingga 20 March 2017. Ayuh pesikal pesikal basikal berengsel, daftar dan bersama-sama kami dalam acara tahunan ini. Istimewa tahun ini bersempena tahun melawat Perak 2017 dan Ipoh Cycle Fest 2017

Registration window is now open until 20th Mar 2017, mystery gift for the first 50 participants. Join us for an exciting event and experience in conjuction with Visit Perak Year 2017 and Ipoh Cycle Fest 2017. Perak will surprise you! A truly World of Wonders!

Where nature, culture, delicious food and warm people will take you through a journey to international heritage. Be enthralled by our natural beauty and surrender to a tranquil environment and enjoy exploring where your heart takes you.